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24th February 2021

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Incense cone set
  • Incense cone set
  • Incense cone set

Incense cone set

Ref: P0987740_cone burner


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Earthenware cone with holes (approx 8cms tall) with small flat plate (8cms) for burning incense cones with white slip and blue splash design and clear glaze over.

Set includes 10 citronella incense cones in a biodegradable bag.

Each piece is handmade so may differ slightly from this photo.

FREE postage within UK mainland.

Citronella is an effective insect repellent, so it is perfect for summer days and nights and enjoying the exotic aromas.

  1. Place 1 incense cone on the ceramic saucer and on a level, heat-resistant surface.
  2. Light the tip to ignite the fragrance. Once lit, extinguish the flame and allow the cone to burn. The smoke wisps out of the upper holes and the air is drawn in via the gaps around the base. The cone's oil leaves a residue after burning which is easily washed off (dishwasher safe).


  •  Keep away from flammable materials and delicate surfaces.
  •  Never leave burning incense or candles unattended.
  •  Extinguish before leaving the room.
  •  Allow adequate ventilation.