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Fairs and Craft Shows - 2021

24th February 2021

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The Making Process

I work with stoneware and earthenware clays to create a range of largely domestic ware but definitely pots to be handled and used.  It gives me great satisfaction to think that something I have made will be used to create and contain dishes or drinks to be enjoyed by other people.

I am influenced by the foods and drinks in my everyday life, from bowls to tankards, jugs to baking dishes.  There are also meze / tapas / antipasti platters, tiles and some more unusual pots such as salt pigs and yarn bowls that have usually originated from commissions.

Decorated with coloured slips (liquid clay), abstract designs complement the form.  They are then twice fired; an initial biscuit firing up to 1040 degrees Celsius followed by a glaze firing of either 1140 (for earthenware) or 1240 degrees Celsius (for stoneware).  The kiln firing takes around 12 hours and then about 2 days to cool.

I sell my work at a range of craft fairs (please see news section), here online, and my yarn bowls through my friend Jane Hickman - please check out her marvellous products (project bags, stitch markers, shawl pins, labels and cards) at